Wednesday, April 1, 2009


*Prices listed are starting estimates only. For a more accurate quote please send me an email at, along with a picture of exactly what you want, or leave a comment here. Cakes with fondant decorations or intricate details will be more than listed prices.

2-D Ball Cakes

3-D Ball Cakes

Character Cakes

$20 for 2 dozen basic, $30+ for 2 dozen fondant or detailed

Doll Cakes

Special Occasion/Wedding Cakes
$2 per slice for basic, $3+ per slice for fondant or detailed

Theme Cakes

Topsy Turvy Cakes
$100+ for 3 tiers 6”, 8”, 10”
$150+ for 3 tiers 8”, 10”, 12”

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